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Jack's Mannequin
02/10/08 - Peoria, IL
Robertson Memorial Fieldhouse


 1. I'm Ready  (2)

 2. Bruised  (2)

 3. Kill the Messenger  (2)

 4. Cellular Phone  (2)

 5. Holiday From Real  (2)

 6. The Mixed Tape (2)

 7. Suicide Blonde  (2)

 8. Rescued  (2)

 9. Dark Blue  (2)

10. Whiskey Break (Banter)  (2)

11. La La Lie (feat. Treaty of Paris)  (2)

12. Made for Each Other  (2)

13. You Can Breathe  (2)

14. Banter & Intro to Caves  (2)

15. Caves  (2)

16. Me and the Moon  (2)

17. American Girl  (2)


I recorded this show with two sets of microphones and am having a hard time determining which

one turned out better.  If any of you would be willing to download a few songs from each recording

and let me know which you think is best, I'd appreciate it.  If one turns out to be decisively better, I

can just keep the one up.  Please let me know on the tagboard on the main page or by clicking the

contact link.


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