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Jack's Mannequin
04/11/07 - Iowa City, IA
IMU Main Lounge

10,000 Hours Show


 1. I'm Ready

 2. Kill the Messenger

 3. The Mixed Tape

 4. Last Straw

 5. Holiday From Real

 6. Dark Blue

 7. Bruised

 8. Into the Airwaves

 9. La La Lie

10. Rescued

11. Me and the Moon

12. Voting on Cover Song

13. Message in a Bottle (The Police)

14. American Girl (Tom Petty)

15. We Were Made for Each Other

16. You Can Breathe


      I figured it's worth noting that the sound was kinda screwy at this show (at least from the left speaker stack where I was standing).  I think the sound guy was overloading the vocal channel and possibly other channels, almost making it sound like the speakers were blown at a few points in the show - the levels also went up and down randomly during the show.  So... this is actually how it sounded at the show, not due to my recording equipment or transfer of the recording.



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