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Welcome to Fishy Recordings

Please feel free to download any and all of my recordings and enjoy.  Follow me on Twitter @fishyrecordings to be notified of new recordings.  Please note this is a hobby of mine so my busy life can get in the way.  That being said, if you've been looking forward to a recording you know I've done, shoot me a message on Twitter and I'll see what I can do!  

What's New?     (Updated 04/29/14)

    - Jukebox The Ghost - 01/25/12 - Chicago, IL
    - Jukebox The Ghost - 07/08/12 - Chicago, IL   
    - Jukebox The Ghost - 03/09/13 - Chicago, IL  
    - Jimmy Eat World - 06/16/13 - London, England   
    - The Hush Sound - 02/03/12 - Chicago, IL    
    - The Hush Sound - 02/04/12 - Chicago, IL
    - Andrew McMahon - 04/04/13 - Chicago, IL
Upcoming Shows - follow @fishyrecordings to be notified when new shows are added!

     - The Hush Sound - 10/27/12 - Iowa City, IA
     - Foo Fighters - 08/06/11 - Chicago, IL
     - 2 fun. shows
These recordings are to be shared freely, and I have consent from many of the bands to record them based on that sentiment.  I don't want the ability to do what I do taken away by a few greedy people out to make a quick buck.  To raise awareness of this site so that people are not taken advantage of, please link to my website in your blogs, profiles, forum signatures, etc.  Thanks for reading this, and enjoy the music.




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